Church Worship Ministry, Team Leader

Lead the congregation in providing opportunities for worship celebrations that focus on God, help

people of all age s grow in their understanding of the Gospel, and become better equipped for daily

living as faithful disciples.

Who is qualified for this job?

Spiritual gifts: Servanthood, teaching, exhortation ( encouragement ), leadership, wisdom, knowledge,

faith, discernment, administration, evangelism, and shepherding.

Experience and skills: This leader should show evidence of passion for worshiping God and helping

others worship through music, liturgy, and in personal and community practices. Useful skills for this

position are the ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages , interest in a wide range of

worship experiences, interest in music and other worship-related arts, skills for researching worship

issues, and sensitivity both to what makes worship effective and ways people relate to God.

What does this leader do?

Maintain a growing and healthy spiritual life and lead others to do the same.

Know the goals of the congregation in order to support and expand the ministry goals through

worship. Learn about worship and the people in your congregation and community so you can plan

worship opportunities appropriate to the community. The worship team must be sensitive to new

worship styles and to congregational traditions.

Coordinate with the pastor and other worship leaders. Support worship by identifying, training and

supporting worship leaders such as acolytes, scripture readers, ushers, greeters, artists and others.

Explore resources (United Methodist and other) for worship in order to recommend their use with

children, youth and adults.

Promote individual and family worship and opportunities for spiritual formation.

Work with other ministry leaders so that worship celebrates the whole life of the congregation and


Encourage a team approach to worship planning led by the pastor.