Health and Welfare Ministry

Lead the congregation to attend to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of individuals in the congregation in order to fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Offer direct services and education to people of all ages so that their lives may become whole .


Coordinate planning and implementation of a comprehensive health and welfare ministry program.

The first step is identifying needs and concerns of people in your community (including your congregation).  Become familiar with the overall goals of the congregation and how these goals may be achieved through the congregation’s health and welfare ministry.

Identify community organizations, people, and resources that serve health needs; compare existing services with needs you have identified in order to determine needs.

Determine how the congregation might serve the community, especially those with disabilities and/or limited resources.

Help the congregation become knowledgeable about the services offered by the various United

Methodist-related health and welfare agencies in the community and conference, including hospitals, clinics, advocacy groups, retirement homes, and others.

Encourage the congregation to be aware of the needs of persons with handicapping conditions, especially the need for the church to be structurally accessible.

Promote observance of Golden Cross Sunday and other efforts to provide financial support for health and welfare ministries.