Status and Role of Women Coordinator

Lead the congregation to commitment of the full participation of women in leadership and responsibility for the life of the congregation.

Plan and implement learning experiences for children, youth and adults to grow in their understanding of gender roles, contributions and inclusion of women and men as Christian disciples.

What does this leader do?

Maintain a growing and healthy spiritual life and lead others to do the same.

Know the goals of the congregation and advocate for women whose skills and gifts will support and expand the ministry goals.

Keep the church leaders aware of the meaning of the church’s continuing commitment to full equal responsibility and participation of women in the leadership, life and mission of the congregation.

Ensure that women of all ages have opportunities to consider ways they may fully express their Christian discipleship in their careers, occupations and daily living.

Lead the congregation in celebrations of worship and fellowship that highlight the status and role of women. Collaborate with United Methodist Women, youth ministry leaders and the education ministry team.

Advocate for inclusion of women in worship leadership, church leadership and language.

Where can I get help?

Getting started:

Convene a meeting of interested youth and adults to plan for your work. Coordinate goals, projects, and calendars with other church leaders. Share the work with others by delegating projects to people in the congregation and community who have a passion for the status and role of women in the community and the world.

Build a congregational expectation that a vital Christian faith means full inclusion of all God’s people.

Learn about the lives of women in your community and especially the ways your ministries can address community issues. Look for gaps in the congregation and the community that your ministry might meet.