About Us

Trinity United Methodist Church exists under the organization of the United Methodist Church.

As United Methodists, we have an obligation to bear a faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ, the living reality at the center of the Church’s life and witness. To fulfill this obligation, we reflect critically on our biblical and theological inheritance, striving to express faithfully the witness we make in our own time.

In summary, United Methodists share a common heritage with all Christians. According to our foundational statement of beliefs in The Book of Discipline, we share the following basic affirmations, regarding our Christian roots, in common with all Christian communities:

God.  God as a Trinity—three persons in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Jesus. We believe in salvation through Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s present activity in our midst.
Human Beings. We’ve been made in the image of our Creator.
The Church. The church is the body of Christ, an extension of Christ’s life and ministry in the world today.
The Bible. The Bible is God’s Word and is the primary authority for our faith and practice.
God’s Reign. The kingdom or reign of God is both present reality and future hope.

Sources: The Book of Discipline; United Methodist Member’s Handbook; www.umc.org