Higher Education and Campus Ministry

The job of the Chair:

Elected by the charge conference for a one-year term, you are a member of the church council, and the charge conference. You are responsible for interpreting and recommending to the church council ways for implementing the church’s mission in higher education and campus ministry. You work with the guidance of the pastor and the chairperson of the church council.

You are also the person on the “front line” in the important work of identifying and developing leadership for the church and for the world. You are the one in the local church who takes a large view on developing the next generation of leaders.

Everything you do—from helping make connections between students and campus ministers to encouraging students to consider attending a United Methodist-related college to supporting the Black College Fund and Africa University—is important and makes a difference in the quality of leadership in the future. It is essential for the future of The United Methodist Church that students are nurtured in their faith during their college years.

Responsibilities of the Chair:

The responsibility is not yours alone; it is shared with a team of individuals working together to advocate for the church’s ministry in higher education. You are the team leader for the congregation.

Prayerfully gather a group of people to join you in this ministry.

Invite people to join in the work. Parents, teachers, students, college contacts, and high school guidance counselors could be invaluable members of the team.

As chair of the ministry team on higher education and campus ministry, your work is wide-ranging.

Recruit others in your church to assist you with these responsibilities:

  • advocating within your congregation for the importance of the mission of the church’s work in higher education: to identify and develop strong future leaders for the church and the world
  • keeping the church council aware of higher education and campus ministry concerns
  • promoting local church support for the higher education and campus ministry programs of your annual conference and of the Division of Higher Education of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.