Church School (Sunday School)

Lead the congregation to nurture and form Christian disciples of all ages through small groups.

Coordinate and implement the small group ministries for all ages in the congregation, including the Sunday school, weekday groups , and offsite groups.


Maintain a healthy and growing spiritual life and lead others to do the same.

Collaborate with the educational ministry team or nurture team, age level coordinators and pastor to build and implement a system of small groups for people of all ages to grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Develop and carry out plans in coordination with the education chair person to promote attendance and participation in the church program for nurture and growth—congregations call this program of nurture and Christian formation by various names such as church school, Sunday School, small groups, Bible study, and discipleship groups .

The leader may build a team of people with gifts and skills for implementation of the church nurturing ministries. (See Job Description for a small group coordinator)

Be familiar with curriculum resources in order to make recommendations for c lasses and groups of children, youth, and adults.

Re commend teachers and leaders to the church education team.