An effective church treasurer disburses all funds received into the church treasury in a responsible and organized manner, with funds identified and bills paid when due so that the mission and ministry of the congregation is effective.


The treasurer will disburse all money contributed to the local church budget, keeping accurate records of how money is spent.

The treasurer works with finances according to the guidelines established by the finance committee for total fiduciary responsibility, including compliance with all applicable governmental tax guidelines.

Each month, the treasurer will send all world service and conference benevolence funds on hand to the annual conference treasurer.

The treasurer works with the financial secretary to maintain records of ail funds received and performs a quarterly fund records check. Designated gifts and bequests are managed by the trustees in accordance with paragraph 2533.5 of The Book of Discipline.

The treasurer works with the financial secretary and chair of the finance committee to make regular financial reports to the committee on finance, church council, the charge conference, and in some cases, the trustees.

The treasurer is accountable to the charge conference through the church council.