Education Ministry

Oversee learning and teaching experiences for the congregation so that people of all ages grow in their understanding of the gospel and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples of

Jesus Christ. Lead the congregation to understand the importance of lifelong growth and learning as Christian disciples.


Maintain healthy and growing spiritual life and lead others to do the same.

Coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive Christian education and formation ministry for the congregation and community. Work collaboratively with other leaders such as children’s ministry coordinator, youth ministry coordinator, young adult ministry coordinator, adult ministry coordinator, older adult ministry coordinator, family ministry coordinator, class leader, Sunday

School Superintendent, small group team coordinator, teachers.

Collaborate with the pastor and other leaders so that educational program goals and plans enhance the overall goals of the congregation.

Be familiar with United Methodist curriculum resources , facilitate their use , and be able to recommend appropriate resources for all age levels and faith stages. Visit the Cokesbury Curriculum Finder or call Curric-U-Phone, 1-800-251-8591, for free help from knowledgeable Christian education consultants.

Provide for regular training opportunities for teachers and small group leaders by promoting local, district, conference and community training.

Encourage people to consider their vocation as Christians and how their Christian discipleship is expressed in their careers, occupations, and daily living.

Lead the congregation in celebrations of worship and fellowship to highlight Christian education and formation in events like Rally Day; giving Bibles to children; and the launch of special programs like

Disciple, Companions in Christ® and vacation Bible school.

Lead the ministry team for Christian education, including planning the agendas, presiding over meetings, managing an annual education budget, and informing the congregation of needs for Christian nurture.