Church and Society Team

Expand the congregation’s awareness of issues related to peace with justice, environmental survival, and human welfare, especially connecting these with Jesus’ example in Gospel stories. Through this team’s effort, there will be a new understanding of these issues and the congregation will actively engage in the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

What does the coordinator do?

Coordinate the planning and implementation of opportunities for education and action on the concerns for the quality of life for people in the congregation and community. The team will consider the theological and biblical foundations for ministry for the transformation of the world.

Provide opportunities for people in the congregation and community to learn about issues of social justice, ethical living in the work place, and prison ministry.

Lead the congregation in study and awareness of the Social Principles of the United Methodist

Church; and encourage frequent use of the Social Creed in congregational life.

Lead the congregation in celebration of the annual Peace with Justice Sunday and other efforts to Connect the church and culture. Many churches are launching efforts for sustaining resources through recycling programs and use off air trade products. (See also the job description of Earth Advocacy)

Link with organizations, people, and resources in and beyond the congregation that are concerned with faith and living.